Elad Nava
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Pushy – A New Alternative to Google Cloud Messaging

Posted by in Android on Jan 10, 2015

After writing the post about my letdowns with Google Cloud Messaging, I set out to find an alternative way to send push notifications reliably on Android. I stumbled upon numerous SaaS push notification services, such as Parse, Boxcar.io, UrbanAirship, PubNub, and even AWS SNS. Unfortunately, I discovered that all of these services piggyback on GCM, simply making it easier to develop push notifications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone at the same time, instead of implementing backend calls to 3 separate APIs. The apps still need to register with GCM (and fail repeatedly…read more

Genymotion – An Android Developer’s Best Friend

Posted by in Android on Dec 16, 2014

When I first started Android development in 2011, it was incredibly difficult to debug and test Android apps on multiple devices and screen sizes, due to the extremely slow ARM emulator bundled with the Android SDK. It could take at least 5 minutes to start an ARM virtual device, and once started, all actions performed were extremely laggy and irritating. As a result, it was extremely difficult and nerve-wrecking to test applications in various conditions while developing. Back then, there were no (known) alternatives to using the ARM emulator. But in Oct,…read more

Google Cloud Messaging is Extremely Unreliable for Push Notifications

Posted by in Android on Dec 04, 2014

When Google Cloud Messaging first came out, I was one of the first developers to implement it. I was the first to provide a working code snippet for 3rd-party PHP servers to send push notifications via GCM. Everything looked great: unlimited quotas allow developers to send as many push notifications as they needed, the service is completely free and best of all, it’s backed by Google. I implemented the code in my Android apps and server-side backend scripts, and I was good to go. I published one of my GCM-dependent apps to Google Play. In the first…read more